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Do Any of the Following
Resonate with You?

You feel lost in life.
You constantly fight with your partner.
You're struggling to motivate yourself to do anything.
You feel like something is missing in your life.
You're scared that your relationship isn't going to work out.

If so, I'm here to help


I'm Sean C. Smith

I am an authentic, easy-going, and open-minded therapist that can help you feel more present in the moment and actually enjoy it. I provide care for those experiencing a lot of pressure, confusion about their past, and feeling overwhelmed in life.

What Makes Me Different

I can be serious about painful situations but also find humor in them.


How I Help

Online Therapy Services For
California Residents

Queer & Trans Community

You want to live more authentically but don’t know where to start.

Men & Masc Folx

Stigma against getting help for men and masc folx is real.

Polyamory & Nonmonogamy

After a lifetime of compulsory monogamy, it can be a struggle to adapt to a new way of having relationships.

Relationship Challenges

Most people who start therapy feel stuck repeating the same painful patterns.

Queer & Trans Affirming Therapy

Struggling with coming out of the closet.
Adjusting to recently coming out.
Navigating midlife as a Queer or Trans person.
Deepening their relationships.
Building confidence in themselves.

Therapy can help you reconnect with yourself and live more authentically.